Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This afternoon was crazy!  With all of the Annie practicing our whole schedule is thrown off.

Mrs. Redwood came in a taught us a very short math class.

We looked at fact families for multiplication and division. If you know one fact you can use it as a strategy to find the answer for another.
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She then took us down to music with Mrs. Jones. We continued to work on our pre-precorders.  Some of us even got to play something for her.

When we returned we had our afternoon nutrition break and read some more of Auggie and Me.  I love having the opportunity to read to you all again!  I am sad that this book is almost over and know that we have many other good books to choose to read.

In Girl Power and Good Guys we talked about Standing Up to our friends when we may need to. Some of the key points that we learned today were:

  • Standing up for yourself is not being mean It's a way of respecting yourself.
  • Standing up for yourself is not necessary every single time something happens
  • Standing up for yourself to a friend (i.e. putting out a friendship fire) is done in a calm, respectful voice where you explain how the situation made you feel and you talk it out together. 
  • Quick comebacks are necessary when someone is mean to you on purpose (e.g. bullying). 
We finished off our day taking stock in our Mars Inquiry. We talked about communicating our learning and where we need to go. We have so much left that we want to do.  Today we decided how to make our Mars model into a museum piece and that we want to share information with people who see it just like in a museum. We also talked about powering our Mars Station.  We are currently looking at wind and solar power. We are also going to be building some vehicles that we can use on Mars.  With all that we are learning I wouldn't be surprised if NASA wants to hire us!

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Dear Parents, 
We are very excited to present “Annie Kids” next week. Please make note of the following items: ALL STUDENTS ARE TO ENTER THE SCHOOL THROUGH THE SOUTH / TEACHER DOORS. Characters with speaking / singing parts on stage are asked to arrive at 5:45pm and report to the music room. Costumes will remain in the school until after the final performance on Thursday evening. We ask parents to send their child with their hair and make up done and we will do touch ups as needed. Students in the singing chorus are asked to dress nicely and arrive at 6:15pm and report to their regular classroom. Doors will open for afternoon seating at 1:15pm and evening at 6.15pm. The expectation is that all students are present for their night of performance. If you are not attending the evening show, please arrange for your children to be dropped off at the appropriate time and picked up NO LATER THAN 7:30pm. 

Peace Wing - Mrs. Bowles/Zwack will be performing on Thursday, May 5th.

Tickets must be provided at the door and are currently still available for purchase. Due to the rights and licensing regulations with our purchase agreement of “Annie Kids”, we are NOT permitted to take video or still photos during the production. Time will be provided at the end for photo ops. 

Many thanks for the continued support of our music program, 
Mrs. Jessica McBride

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Today during our science inquiry we discussed that we may need to heat our Mars Station. We talked about building a campfire.   Why can't you build a campfire on Mars?


  1. because there is not enough oxygen to build a campfire

    emily :)

  2. There is not enough oxygen on Mars.


  3. It would burn out because it's really cold, and in the air, it's carbon dioxode.

  4. Bucus there is no ocsoshion.

  5. Because there is no woarm spot's on Mars. And then there is the fire. So first of all there is no wood and it's so cold the fire might burn out.

  6. Because there is no oxygen on Mars. - Lexi

  7. The climate is way too cold for a campfire.

  8. Because there is no oxygen on Mars. -Andrea


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