Monday, 9 November 2015

Monday, November 9th, 2015 - First Day of Snow

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We welcomed Mr. Demman to our class today!  He will be our student teacher until Christmas and then again in February to April.  We are excited to have him as a part of our class and look forward to having him teach us new and interesting things.

In our focus lesson today we learned how to Expand our Vocabulary.  It is important to Tune into New Words as we read and not to just skip over them!  We learned how to use context clues, break the words down into smaller words we know and to reach into our brain to connect to experiences that might help us figure these words out.  As we read a bit of our own books, we used stickers to mark 3 or 4 new words.  Then we met with a buddy and tried our strategies to figure each word out.

We had an exciting time with Mrs. Bowles to check out the new Learning Commons!  Our books are now organized by genre, which means all books on a topic are together whether they are fiction or non-fiction.  We are looking forward to working in there and accessing the books and technology!

Remembrance Day is coming up soon and we have been reading and learning about  the poem In Flander's Field.  Did you know that it is the 100th Anniversary of this famous poem?  We also learned about the history of the poppies we wear each year.  We are looking forward to the Remembrance Day assembly that is being put on by Rooms 54 and 55.

What an exciting lunch hour recess with all of the snow.  Our playground looks like an alien planet landscape with multiple large snowballs dotting the grounds.  Just a reminder that snow is not to be thrown in any direction at anytime.  We had a few tears from around the school because of snow in the face, even if it was an accident.

In math, we are finishing up our Numbers Unit in place value.  We looked at the number zero.  We read the book A Place for Zero. After our reading of the book students completed some Math Writing on "Why is 0 a special Number?"
Image result for a place for zero book
When students were working on their Math Daily 3 Choices, all students will be meeting with Mrs. Bowles or Mr. Demman and talking about what we know about numbers.

In our Science Inquiry we are beginning to pull it all together to complete our inquiry.  Today we were making a chart of the process of getting the oil from the ground to into our vehicles.

Question of the Day:
What has been the most interesting part of our science inquiry, "Is there a dinosaur in your gas tank?" What have you learned?

Things to Remember:

1.)  Remembrance Day Assembly at 10:30 tomorrow
2.) No School on Wednesday due to Remembrance Day
3.) Cranston families, if you are interested in helping…

IMPORTANT à  Please send your child’s teacher a comment through this BLOG post titled ‘FAMILIES HELPING FAMILIES AT CHRISTMAS’. State what item you are willing to contribute or donate based off of the needs the family has indicated so that all other families in your child’s class can see what has been contributed and what still is in need.
Please remember that our families would love to not have to worry about the purchase of food items and more than one gift card to their chosen grocery store would be welcomed!
**We welcome donations of gently used items for our families as well.

All gifts/donations will need to be wrapped and labeled for whom they are intended for. Wrapped contributions will be due by:
Wednesday December 2nd, 2015

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, all staff at Cranston school would like to thank families in advance for their thoughts and contributions! Thank you for making a families Christmas a little brighter!!


  1. Today was so fun when we had recess well not for some people but we did we made a really big snowman!!


  2. I learned oil goes through hydrocracking then transported to a gas station.
    Nick p:)

  3. I liked that we got to write about the number zero it was fun ���� remberance is on Wednesday. Isabel

  4. i like the part we had to see how the oil go in all the stuff and separate from the oil and it is so cool by MACKENZIE

  5. Spencer
    The most interesting thing in science inqury is reading the book "Is there a Dinosaur in your gas tank?"

  6. There is 8 steps to getting the oil out of the ground and into our gas tanks


  7. I liked talking about the process and that a lot of things can be made with oil sands. I also liked that you brought in a sample of oil sands. ANDREA

  8. Learning about oil refineries was most interesting. I learned that dinosaurs are not in oil. - Lexi

  9. I liked that we got to write about the number zero it was fun. On Wednesday is remberance day. From Isabel

  10. It's not an actual dinosaur it's tiny sea animals. Aliya :-)

  11. There are a lot of different parts to refining oil. From Ella

  12. my favrite part about it is Ever thing. Ive learnt that millens of years ago there was more water than land and in that water lived animals and plants and then when the die they go to the bottom of the ocean then sand rocks and soil go over it and they turn in to oil.


  13. I learned that oil makes way more than just gas


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