Saturday, 28 November 2015

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Good Morning Friends,

I am sorry that the blog didn't get out to you until this morning.  The busyness of life doesn't seem to end during the school day.

Yesterday was another great day of learning, sharing, inquiring and having fun in our classroom. Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Zwack were in meetings for the first part of the morning and you had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Gates, Mrs. McBride and Mr. Demman.

When Mrs. Bowles returned to the classroom, we had our Nutrition Break, read some more of Wonder, and read the blog.

Mr. Demman led our Naturalization Inquiry today.  I don't know how we get so lucky with the weather but it was just beautiful for our Friday outside work.  Mr. Demman, helped us make the connection between the mapping work we are doing with Mrs. Zwack and our community walk.  We learned how to use an old fashioned compass and walked to the pond area.  In the park we used the compass to help us create a map of the area.  We located north and the other directions and then added the major landmarks of the area.  Like usual we ran out of time before completing our work and we will continue on our next Friday outside time.

As promised here is your homework for the weekend.  We have finished our inquiry on "Is there a dinosaur in my gas tank?"  This weekend I would like you to sign into KidBlog. You were all given your log in information so we shouldn't have any problem getting into the site.  

Your assignment is:

Write a paragraph about the inquiry and your findings.  I have added some sentence starters that will help you create your sentences and guide some of your thinking.  You do not have to use all of them or any of them.  Your paragraph needs to talk about what you thought in the beginning of the inquiry before we did our research.  What did we do that helped you understand about oil in Alberta.  What was interesting?  What did you learn that you didn't know before?  Finally, talk about how you would answer the inquiry question - what do you think now about "Is there a dinosaur in my gas tank?" What made you change your mind if you did change your mind?  or Why didn't you change your mind?  
You can also share any other information about what you learned in your paragraph as well.  I can't wait to read your thoughts.

Some sentence starters that you might want to use are:

I believe that.....
It was interesting when...
At first I thought....
I know now that...
I was really surprised to learn....
Based on what I learned...
Did you know that...
Now I know....

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1.)  Write your Science Inquiry paragraph that was explained above.
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2.)  Families Helping Families - final date for bringing in gifts will be next Friday - December 4th
Here is what we have so far:
- Uno game and toothpaste
 - towels for the family 
 – large blanket
 – Janga Quake + gift card
 - towels/wash clothes for the family and we are picking up a toy for each of the kids.
- craft supplies and a graphic novel for the 9 year old boy
- an adult colouring book and an adventure novel for the 11 year old girl
 some baking supplies for the family 
 –  adult - colouring book

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Please let me know if you have posted your Science Writing into KidBlog


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