Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday September 10th

This morning we started the day with music class with Mrs. Jones!  We had fun singing together and using that part of our brains!

In Daily 5 we continued to build our stamina for Read to Self.  We did a wonderful job for 7 minutes and after a quick check in challenged ourselves to read for another 7 minutes.

A part of our Word Work of this year will be focused on the Words Their Way approach.  We completed an initial assessment today and Mrs. Zwack will be looking at what spelling patterns each child has mastered and what the next best step for each student will be.  Our follow up work will be focused on building skills and strategies through weekly word work activities.
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We are progressing on our read aloud of Edward Tulane during our nutrition break.  This was followed by a 10 minute movement break outside in the beautiful sunshine.  Before we ran today, we discussed how we might run and breathe differently to keep our stamina up as we completed our laps of the field.

We ended the morning by learning about three main parts of the brain that affect our learning at school. We labeled our image of the brain and discussed the job of each part and where it is located inside our brain.  Our students are very keen to learn and asked many important and thoughtful questions!  We started a creative journal page to keep track of our learning!
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The afternoon was filled with busy minds and flying fingers.  In math we looked at the final two strategies to help us become math addition fact wizards.  Make it 10 and Doubles +1 and +2.  We learned how we could break some numbers apart to make our adding easier.  For example:  8 + 6 will become 10 + 4 so we know the answer is 14.  When adding 7 + 6 – we can double the six and add one to give us 13.  In our Math Thinking portion of our math notebooks we looked at three different math facts and thought about which strategy would best help us get the answer quickly.
We learned a new math card game to help us with our Make it Ten Strategy.  It was called Make it Ten Fish.  Please teach this game to someone in your family.
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During our Science Inquiry we learned about how fossil fuels are formed. We watched a very short video and in our next inquiry time we will be creating a comic strip to share our learning about how oil is formed.  We were also introduced to a new word today that we will be investigating further  “sedimentary.” We are still investigating how we can use Kid Blog to share our learning and our wonders with everyone.  We will keep you posted on when our blogs are up and running.
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In gym, we went over playground safety with Mr. McDougall.  We also had the opportunity to play on the playground for the remainder of the time.

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      1.)  We were introduced to the first Cranston Club of the year.  The Cranston Running Club will be open to all students in grades 1 -4. Many took home forms to discuss with parents.  Please return forms by Tuesday if you would like to join.
      2.)  We have reached the halfway point for our Entertainment Book Sales – please send in orders or return unsold book.
      3.)  We will be going outside for our weekly Friday outdoors lesson.  Please dress for the weather
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What do you think sedimentary rock is? How could you investigate this and find an answer?


  1. Sedimentary rock is a hard rock and can have fossils.
    I can look up pictures on the internet.

  2. I think it is rock that was made from sand. I could ask my Grandad because he is a geologist.

  3. I think its a rock with oil in it
    because a lot of rocks have oil.
    I could google it to find out.

  4. Emily -- I think it is rock that has been crushed up over millions and millions of years. I could find out by finding a book in the library.

  5. I think sedimentary rocks are small grey pebbles and large grey rocks. - Nick P.

  6. l think it is a rock that has sand around it-lauren


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