Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

A Tuesday after a weekend filled with eating delicious foods has been a little different.  We all seemed rather sleepy and were looking at the clock a little more than usual.
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This morning we started out with a focused Read to Self time while Mrs. Zwack continued assessing some of our students in reading.

Next, we headed over to Mrs. Peterson's class to work on our writing SLA's.  The grade fours did the writing as well so that we can do a check-up on where everyone is at. It was exciting to write about our Dream School and to use our imaginations to think BIG!

After Read Aloud and a body break, we reconvened in Mrs. Peterson's room to continue or Student Vote work.  Today we discussed different levels of government and also the voting process.  Tomorrow we will be examining some of the issues and platforms of the main parties (those appropriate for our students) to help with our voting decisions on Friday.  Thank you for talking with your children about the  election at home!  We can tell that the children are growing in their understanding and are "tuning in" to the television and radio messages they are hearing!

This afternoon, we started with music with Mrs. Jones.

We were able to get through the math Student Learning Assessment (otherwise known as the SLAs)  We were able to complete the online portion last week. Today was a problem solving type question. Students were asked to communicate their thinking.  This took up most of our afternoon.

In gym, we are working on cooperative games and using the Omnikin ball.  Today we played an Omnikin dodgeball.  Each side really had to think about how to get the other side eliminated - some good strategy discussions took place.
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The last few minutes of the day was reading the next chapter of Wonder.  This book is really getting us to think about how we treat each other - do people who look different have to be treated differently??
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1.)  Halloween Howler Ticket Order Forms - went home today
2.)  Running Club members were given an order form for Running Club T-Shirts.  Orders and money must be returned to their homeroom teachers by Thursday, October 15th to ensure that we receive the t-shirts prior to our last running club day.
 3.)  September Scholastic Book orders went home today - The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been back ordered and students will get it when it arrives
4.)  BYOD - Bring Your Own Device forms - please return

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Tomorrow we will be deciding on a Twitter name for our class.  Some things to think about when deciding on a name will be: 
1.)  This is how others will see us - think of good identity - this will be what others picture us as
2.)  Our name should be fairly short - we only have 140 characters in a Tweet so we want most of those characters to explain what we are doing or asking questions 
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What would your suggestion be for our class Twitter name?

Our Daily Wonder

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders ~  Jewish Proverb
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  1. Emily

  2. rockstars
    (Because we rock at math)

    From Jared

  3. I think that are tweeter name should be magic (because our work is fun and it makes me feel magicall)

  4. @Kindness because it makes me feel happy. Aliya

  5. Mackenzie thinks we should call it awesome80 because we all solve problems and work together in room 80.

  6. We should call our twitter name Rock80 because our classroom rocks and we're room 80. ANDREA

  7. I think that we should be called is Mystical80 because we are a mystical room


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