Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thursday, January 7th, 2015

Thank you @wonders80 for another great day at school.  To make sure we had time get our Blog and Twitter time in today we started our afternoon off with that.  We taught Claire about our classroom blog and then showed her our Twitter account. We wrote two Tweets today and one is a poll question, so if you follow us on Twitter check it out!
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In math, we looked again at addition facts.  We looked at strategies that we would use to help others with some of the more difficult facts.  I enjoyed reading your work and looking at the many strategies that you use.  Tomorrow we will take this work and look at what operational fact goals we can create.

Our science inquiry was a blast.... off!  Today we looked at what would happen if we were expecting to go on a one month mission to Mars and something went wrong and now we and the rest of the crew have to figure out how to survive, get help and return to Earth.  We looked at the space for supplies in our spaceship and what an actual rocket launch looks like.  We learned that there isn't going to be much room and that most of the rocket that leaves earth is fuel capsules.  We need to talk a little more about why they need so much fuel to get out of the Earth's atmosphere.  We introduced the word propulsion. This is a bonus question... if you can bring a piece of paper with what propulsion means in your own words. IF you do this you will get an extra surprise tomorrow.

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In gym we worked on face offs. We discussed how to to hold the stick for the best advantage.  I think we are all ready to go to the NHL now!
Image result for floor hockey faceoff                                     Image result for oilers vs flames hockey faceoff
Things to Remember:

1.)  WE have an infestation at the school of fruit flies due to juice boxes.  As of immediately there will be no more juice boxes allowed at Cranston School.  Please find alternatives to drink for lunch.  All juice boxes brought to the school will be sent home... sorry

2.)  IF you have not posted your Mars information on KidBlog please do so as soon as possible.

3.) If you are having trouble responding to the question of the day please email Mrs. Bowles

4.)  We will try to go outside for our Naturalization Inquiry - please dress for really cold weather

Question of the Day:

Given the new information in our science inquiry.  Please tell us which mission specialist you would like to be:
1.) Botanist (agricultural engineer)
2.) Structural Engineer
3.) Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineer
4.) Communication Expert
5.) Meterologist/Geologist
Also, tell us what you plan on doing to help you and the crew stay alive on Mars for however long we will be there


  1. I would be a botanist. I would make sure everyone has water.

  2. i would be a Botanist or a agricultural engineer.i would make food and air


  3. I would be a structural engineer because if the spaceship gets broken then I can fix it


  4. I would be a botanist. I would help them grow fruits and vegetables to eat. - Lexi

  5. I would be a Botanist and I would help the crew by planting food.


  6. I want to be a Botanist to help with air,food and water

  7. Communication
    To be able to send messages back to earth.

  8. I would like to be a botanist to help us get food, water and air so we can breathe and not starve to death.

  9. I would plan to be a botanist, to help my crew by growing plants to provide us with food and water.

  10. If I could go to Mars I would plan to be a botanist,to help my crew with growing plants and supplying clean air,medicine and a little bit of water and food,shelter for my crew

  11. I would want to he a communication expert because they could
    Contact the NASA to save you-Nick p


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