Thursday, 12 May 2016

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Hello Everyone,

This morning we started with music with Mrs. Jones.  When we returned, we buckled down with our guided reading groups as we had several extra helpers in the room!  Ms. Hadala came back for a visit, Mr. W was here for his regular volunteer day and we also had Mrs. Wright in to help out. This was great as we had time to review expectations for a solid reader response and then to put that into practice.  After read aloud and snack, we joined up with room 79 to continue with our inquiry.  With our extra helpers, we were also able to sit down and check in with each group to see where they are at.  We have pulled out the big ideas and set a course for moving forward next week.

It looks like we have returned to seasonal temperatures. Please make sure that you are dressed for the weather.

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Today in math we got really "Smarties."  We looked at fractions of a group using Smarties.  This was a lot of fun and really delicious. We also discussed how to write fractions using numbers and words. We also were challenged by a problem.  We had to colour 3/8 of 16 circles on the page.  We worked in small groups to find a solution and a strategy for this problem.  Together we found one of the easiest ways was to divide the group of 16 into two groups of 8 and then coloured in 3 in each group of 8.

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In science inquiry we continued our work on preparing for our next design task. The scientists continue to investigate the weather on Mars to assist us in background information for our task design.  The engineers continue to write the information cards for our Mars model.

In gym, we are continuing to look at how we are working as a teammate, following directions and putting in effort for the activities.

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1.)  Tomorrow is the last day for Change4Change.  As a school we have raised over $400 so far.
2.)  There were two very important notes that went home today:
          -  Soccer Sessions in our gym - Foothills Soccer will be coming into our school and teaching students some basic soccer skills
           - Parent Information Night for Dr. George Stanley School on June 1st
3.)  Please look at the previous blogs for information from EcoClub
4.)  Spring Dance ticket orders

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Is the fraction  6/8 greater or less than 1/2?  Explain how you know.


  1. I think it is the first one.


  2. greater because it adds to a bigger number. Nick Buckner

  3. 6/8 because 4/8 is smaller than 6/8.

  4. 6/8 is greater than 1/2

  5. You have to make both fractions have the same common denominator 1/2=4/8 . 4/8 is less than 6/8

  6. 6/8 is greater than a 1/2. I drew two pies and filled in a 1/2 on one and 6/8 on the other. ANDREA


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