Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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What an eventful afternoon!  First we worked in groups to put together our solar powered Mars rovers.  This was interesting as we can across many obstacles. We had to really think like scientists to overcome them.  I think we got them all working for at least a few minutes.  We learned that metallic tape works best to reconnect wires to the motor. We also learned that they don't go anywhere if they are in a shadow or if there is a cloud over the sun.  IF we had more time we would write a letter to the makers and help them build a more reliable vehicle. We have lots of ideas.  

Our last dance class was so much fun!  We learned a new dance to the Footloose song.  We really got our groove on :)
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1.)  Tomorrow night 6:00 - 7:00 pm is our Celebration of Learning.
2.)  We will begin to take many of our materials home on Friday so please bring a sturdy bag.

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What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?


  1. I am most proud of accomplishing printing slower and neater.

  2. Im most proud of accomplishing my printing being better then it wasn't before!


  3. I'm proud that my reading went up by 5 levels!

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  5. I am proud of everything I completed in my visual journal.

  6. using punctuation more often

  7. I am most proud of our science inquiry. My mommy is proud of my work in reading, spelling and math.

  8. The thing that I'm most proud of is social inquiry. Because it was the thing I put most work into.��

  9. The one above is Isabels


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