Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Oh Tis the Season to be Jolly

This afternoon was so much fun!

Mrs. Bowles' math group combined singing to patterns.  We continued to work on our 12 Days of Christmas Patterns.  Today we looked at how we can use different forms of manipulatives to help us see the patterns.  We are also transferring what we saw into charts to show our thinking.

We also got to see the Kindergarten Christmas Concert.  It was so fun!  They are doing a great job!

We had a few moments to work on our science inquiry. We continued our discussion on our mission specialists and voted on the most important specialists that we will need to have a successful mission to Mars.

We did it! It is all coming together.  With Mr. Demman we made connections between our hundreds charts, increasing and decreasing patterns and Venn Diagrams.  Great work!


  1. you either forgot or you didn't want to put up a question


  2. Hi I haven't forgot I had a meeting after school now I am at the kindergarten Christmas Concert - What do you think the question should be?

    1. tell me about your 5 top specialist you would bring to MARS?

  3. write 2/3 things you like about school?

  4. Tell me the top three experts you brout to Mars

  5. What is the best part of the Kindergarten play for you?


  6. It is fun. A stagidie for me would be to think of the good things and dont be like oh this is so bad,


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